Thursday, 22 August 2013

Gear Master Build PVE (T4 Lv50) By Saudade

Now you will get your chance to improve your tower play by using the record-holder best DPS skill in DN. Chainsaw Tower! (:>)

Academic Skill TIER
SP needed to access Ultimate : 45
  • Follow the Lv40 Skill Build for this Lv50 Build
  • Leveled Up the Lv40 skills to reach the 45 SP requirement except for MANA UP
Engineer Skill TIER
SP needed to access Gear Master Skill Tier : 65

Max Ice Tower Only
  • Gatling Tower & Cannon Tower are not needed because when you reach Lv50 you will be able to summon 1 Ice Tower & 2 Chainsaw Tower
Max Ping Pong Shot
  • THIS. (cool)
Max Mine Thrower
  • Superb damage to large enemies
Max Damage Transition
  • Great buff, recommended to max for raids
Max Bio Chem Missile
  • Cool debuff and superb damage too.
Lv6 Mecha Duck
  • Decent launching damage & prerequisite for Mecha Duck EX
Lv6 Mecha Shock
  • Lv5 has 208% + 643 damage 
  • Lv6 has 238% + 2029 damage
  • Great damage growth thats why it is recommended to Lv6.
Max Mecha Bomber
Superb Damage x 3 mecha ducks

Gear Master Skill TIER
Pretty obvious to max all the skill here present at the current level.

Note : for better summoning of Chainsaw Tower, CD plate is recommended. (:])

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